Educating and Empowering

CIILM is the organization which is committed to best practices and safe behavior management methods that focus on prevention. Through a variety of specialized offerings and innovative resources, CIILM educates and empowers professionals to create safe and respectful work environments. This enables professionals to enrich not only their own lives, but also the lives of the individuals they serve.

In response to business demands for adaptable solutions to manage potentially disruptive or even dangerous situations, CIILM has developed the Training program. The strategies taught in this program have been effective in reducing the frequency and severity of these situations, increasing employee confidence and morale, and fostering a culture of Safety at work along with respect and service.

Focused on achieving positive outcomes, training empowers the clinicians and nonmedical work force to work cohesively to deliver quality care based on an individual’s best ability to function. This unique training allows facilities to deliver a higher standard of care and improve function, safety, and quality of life for the patients.


QRS Project will undertake various measures to with respect to attacks on doctors and hospitals. A team of retired police officers, who are experts in disaster management, will be ready for intervention. Purpose of QRS is to prevention, prohibition and redressal in such incidents.

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