Membership Benefits

Career Support: Aiming at Prevention of medico legal disputes
Constant career support will be available from the medical student to senior practicing doctors that will avail Peace of Mind.

Support includes, Learning medico legal practical skills training, regular communication in the form of News letters, updates, various online programs aimed at enhancing medico legal skills and access to the medico legal interactive forum.

Medico legal Practical Skills Course will be available
Membership in the Core India Institute of Legal Medicine provides a number of benefits.
Membership is open to individuals who work or study in the field of legal medicine. For an explanation of membership categories,

CIILM offers a rolling membership, meaning your membership begins on the date your application is approved and payment is processed, and extends for one year. Dues may be deductible as membership in a professional association on your income tax forms.

1.) 60% discount in the premium of professional indemnity insurance provided by United India Insurance co. ltd.

2.) Advocate fees included by Insurance company in medical negligence cases.


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